Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vanilla Socks!

I've got a few new patterns up.  About time I get around to posting about them here.  Over the next week, I'll be posting here on each of them, so stay tuned!

First, a freebie.  I made my own version of vanilla socks.  I LOVE the way these fit. 


This is a simple straight forward pattern for my favorite top-down with a heel flap Vanilla Socks. These socks are knit in stockinette with a little ribbing at the sides. The ribbing at the sides keeps these socks fitting, and not slouching.

small (medium, large, x-large)

100 grams of any fingering weight yarn
(Note: X-large may require slightly more yarn than average 100 grams)

US 1 (2.25 mm) or any size needle that will give you the correct gauge

16 sts = 2” using US 1 (2.25mm) needles

Stitch markers
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
Scrap yarn for holding stitches

I'm working on two other pairs right now as the first two really are my favorite vanilla socks.  I'm knitting one pair in Noro Kureyon (man alive does that stuff want to tangle on itself, but they're working up so pretty, see?) and I cast on for the medium at 64 sts.  That's pretty much my personal go to number for fingering weight vanilla socks of any kind.

The other pair is some older Knit Picks Felici Sport in the colorway Too Cool.  I usually work sport weight vanilla socks at 56 sts.  While I'm on that...I keep hearing that all these people knit their regular fingering weight socks at 56 sts.  Which makes me think, hey, my feet must be bigger than I think.  But wait, I'm only a size 7.5, and I thought that was average.  So people, I'm choosing to believe that my feet are a perfectly fine and respectable size, and the rest of you have freakishly tiny feet, albeit probably really cute freakishly tiny feet.  It must be awesome to go shoe shopping with tiny feet, those smaller sizes are ALWAYS there.

Anyway, back to the socks.  These are working up pretty cool, and I keep them in a little basket on my desk.  At work (I work from home) we have pretty regular meetings monthly, and they can run for about an hour, with a lot of listening on the phone.  I usually pick these up and knit on them during the meeting.  They're simple enough that I'm not distracted by trying to follow a pattern, and I can get everything out of that meeting, without having to sit and twiddle my thumbs.  They're slow going because they usually only get knit on during those monthly meetings, but they're not exactly the need-to-get-it-done-by-a-specific-time type of project.

And here's the other pair that I had already finished.  LOVE these socks in striping yarns.

They're super simple, great fitting, easy to knit, and the pattern is FREE!  Free is always a good thing.  Go knit some now and have toasty feet this winter.  And people...I wanna see pics!


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