Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeping the kids cozy

So I was finally able to start on Rachel's blanket.  My wrist seems to be responding well to knitting simple, and taking frequent breaks.  I think the amount of typing I do for work is what is really causing the problem, and carrying the kids and the knitting is just aggravating it.  I was off of work for three days and my wrist pain was significantly better.  Yay for me!

I was afraid that the knitting was the culprit.  I would probably want to crawl into a hole if I can't knit in the evenings.  I've never been one who can just sit.  I almost always have to have something else going on.

My mom and I call it being "shark people".  Something about a shark can't stop moving because the gills won't pull oxygen from the water and they'll drown.  We, are shark people.  We just have too much nervous energy and can't stop moving.  I tend to feel like I'm wasting time if I'm not doing something.  Watching TV doesn't seem to be something enough.  (I don't knit in the theater after the trailers and movie start though.  That just seems like it'd be too distracting for the other people there, and I'd hate to ruin someone else's movie experience.)

I really like how the blanket is turning out.  I think she's going to love all the colors and it's soooo soft.  Like I said before, I'm planning on knitting stripes using all four colors with a seed stitch border in just the Ivory.  I'm working the border using the intarsia method so I don't have to worry about picking up stitches later.  A little tangly, but not terrible.  I'm working 10 rows in each stripe and so far I'm halfway into the second stripe.  I'm also weaving in ends as I go, I really don't want to have to weave in all those ends when I'm done.  Plus, it's such slippery yarn, that you can tell things are going to slip at those places where I've got the tails from color changes.  I'd rather weave them in now, and have them be secure, than to let them hang out and end up with a bunch of sloppy loose stitches that I'll have to tighten up later. 

Jacob's blanket is coming along.  I'm probably one evening away from joining the dark blue ball.  Which means I'm almost 40% done...not bad.

Now I just need a pause button for life so that I can finish all of this before it gets chilly.



  1. oh how funny I am exactly the same way! everone tells me you just cannot be still can you. I take my knitting everywhere.

  2. I love your blanket what pattern are you using?