Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here's one of my little projects currently on the needles. Nothing spectacular, just a little hat for my baby girl. In fact, it might be done before I get the picture up here with this post. She's just so tiny that her knits are done before I can blink twice. She's three months old right now, and growing so fast. I wanted to make it a little big on her, so that it would last through the next couple months. North Florida can be really weird in the winter time. It can be 80 degrees today, and 30 tomorrow.... It just fluctuates back and forth through March. For those of you on Ravelry, this is the Fetching Inspired Hat. I used Size 6 needles with Paton's Wool, about half the ball, and I added 4 more cables to the hat. I also did 4 rounds of K4, P1 before working the cables, instead of 3 rounds.

I also have this on needles... My first pair of socks!! I'm scared out of my mind of reaching the heel. I almost want to just knit it in a tube and tell hubby that it's supposed to be that way...lol. I'll definitely be heading to my local yarn store for help with that. I love that place. The owner is sooo nice and will help anyone with anything they're confused about. She's just great :-) I think it's the only specialty store in my city. We have Joann's and Michael's and Hobby Lobby, but they never stock anything as nice as this other place. Not to mention that there are always experienced (and very helpful) knitters just hanging out. I've asked my share of dumb questions and they've always been great.
These are the Escalator Socks another free pattern on Ravelry. I'm using Size 1 (2.5mm) needles with two skeins of Aslan Trends Santa Fe fingering in Indigos. The picture isn't really showing off the pattern here, but I promise...it's there. I love the way they're turning out. Plain enough that Hubby will wear them, but with enough pattern and texture to make them a happy to knit project.

Here's a scarf I'm making for my mom. My own pattern (I'll share the pattern soon). I wanted to make her something with a lot of cables. I might be regretting that decision a little now, but it's too late. Mom's seen the work in progress and she really likes it. I can't undo it now...lol. It's really hard to stay with this one for any length of time, because of the constant cabling, but I will get this done for her anyway. I'm using Size 8 needles with Cascade 220 Superwash in Ruby. It's such a beautiful deep perfect red. Mom's favorite color is red, so the yarn choice was a no brainer.

Then I've got this little sweater for Rachel. It's the Little Coffee Bean v.2 byElizabeth (can't find her last name anywhere). Super easy knit, and a cinch to alter for a fancy border or to add a decorative touch. I'm knitting this in Paton's Wool in on size 7 & 8 needles. I've got one sleeve on my bamboo needles right now (as you can see), but I have Harmony wood needles on the way. I very much prefer the Harmony wood to the bamboo, so I'll just wait till they get here to finish the sweater. The wood ones have such nice pointy ends, and I love the feel of any yarn on the finish they have. The stitches glide on them, but they're not too slippery, just perfect for me. I made booties to match the sweater using Sarjtee's Booties pattern on Ravelry.

Last but not least, I have this hat for Hubby. It's just a plain K2 P2 then plain Stockinette for the rest. Also waiting on needles from Knitpicks, due to arrive shortly. I fell in love with this yarn at my LYS, and longed to buy it every time I went for almost 6 months. Finally I took a picture of the skein with my iphone, sent it to my husband, and basically informed him that I would be making him a hat out of it. I just think it's sooo beautiful. Such lovely shades of brown and blue mixed in with a little black. Divine. It's from Rio De La Plata in Chestnut Indian Teal SP 39

Here's the pic from my iphone of the skein before I bought it. Sooo pretty...

That's all I've got on needles right now. That's not too bad, just 5 things. I'll take pictures as I finish them so you all can see how everything turned out. That's it for now I guess. I'm going to go see if the mailman's been by yet with my order from Knitpicks.


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