Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So here I am. I really want to do this blogging thing, but who knows how long I'll keep it up. Not trying to be a pessimist, I just noticed how many people have blogs that are just a post or two before being abandoned. You'd be surprised how many are knitting related. I would never have known before trying to come up with a name for this blog that wasn't taken already.

Here's my latest finished project. Shake the Barley Fingerless Gloves from Knitpicks written by: Erica Jackofsky
(You'll have to forgive the crappy pic. I took this with my phone)

I used the Merino Style DK Yarn in Vanilla (2 balls with plenty left over), and the City Tweed DK in Tabby (also with left overs). I'm not sure why the brown looks so reddish in the picture, I think it's a very neutral kind of brown. Must be the phone camera. I think the pattern called for size 6 and 8 DPN's, but I used sizes 5 and 7 and it worked for me.

I also changed it a little here and there. I added a thumb gusset, I tend not to like the other type of thumb. Also, at the end of the gloves, I finished with the Tweed instead of the Vanilla. The pattern called for Purling one row Vanilla, Knitting one row in Tabby, Purling another row of Vanilla, and binding off. I just did the whole thing in the Tabby, binding off purlwise. The last little thing I did differently was add the color change to the end of the thumb as well. I didn't like the way it looked plain....it just seemed off.

I really LOVE these! I work in an office that is attached to the warehouse and even though I close my door, it still gets cold in here on chilly days. They are perfect for all the typing I have to do.

Soooo....that's it for my first post. Hope anyone that comes accross this, enjoy's it.


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